About 50cal BASE Academy

.50 Cal BASE academy has been teaching the art and science of BASE jumping for over 30 years, with a cumulative experience of over 3700 jumps and more than 40 years in the sport. We believe in a safe and comprehensive introduction to the sport, and our FJC covers a wide variety of topics – all with the focus of safety and competence throughout.

DSC01442We run 5-6 full courses per year from our site in Croatia, moving on to a 4000ft cliff in Northern Italy.

12-day FJC – £1345 for 2023

Course details:

Our aim at .50 Cal is to turn experienced skydivers into competent and safe beginner BASE jumpers that can continue their career in a safe and progressive way. We will show you how to exit, open and land safely from a variety of objects, and aim to solidify these skills from a technically forgiving object. Once the basics have been learnt (subject to individual student progression) we will move on to a terminal wall in North Italy, where we will work on how to develop terminal BASE skills. There will be a heavy focus on safety and solid progression throughout, and each course is tailored to the individual.

Our maximum class sizes are 10, with a maximum student to instructor ratio of 5:1. Normally classes are smaller, and we are always available for individual questions throughout the course from morning to dusk.


  • 200 skydives (logbooks may be required for validation)


Paragliding, speedflying, CRW experience, mountaineering, PPL flying and any other airborne sports are all useful and transferable skills, and can help ease the transition into BASE jumping.

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