Site guidelines

To visiting jumpers:

The bridge is currently in limbo with regards to legality, and we must take every care to ensure that it remains open to jump. We are not professing to be the BASE police – but if we take care to maintain good relationships with the highway patrols and bridge owners then we stand more of a chance of becoming recognised as responsible users. The owner of the landing area has granted us unlimited use of the local BASE house facilities including packing areas which is only a mile away from the bridge for €50 (accomodation is also available for €30/night).

We want people to come and jump, but bear in mind it is still a minefield of Eastern European politics when it comes to policing!

General site guidelines:

If you can call Darijan (the local landowner) before jumping he will do his best to come and supervise with a hi-viz jacket. This is to show vehicles passing over the bridge that a member of authority is present, and reduces the police callouts significantly. If he is not available, a high viz jacket worn by the last jumper (either underneath or on top – remember to remove it before jumping!) also helps.

Jumping from the rail – if you can make sure that no cars are coming (early morning or evening is best for this) before climbing up as this dramatically increases the incidences of people calling the police to report jumpers.

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