Useful links and information

Useful links

Blinc magazine – BASE jumping forum, lots of useful links and articles website –  BASE jumping forum, again lots of useful links and articles

Useful rigging info


Kit list:

  • Helmet and knee pads are mandatory for the course, boots are recommended for ankle protection (of a non-rigid type)
  • Outdoor clothing (temperature can vary depending on the course date)
    • In the summer temperatures can top 38 degrees in the landing area, while it can still be cool in the morning. During spring and autumn courses temperatures are a little more reasonable, around 30 degrees during the day
  • Currency in Croatia is the Kuna – there are ATM machines in Kanfanar where the student accomodation is located. In Italy Euros are the standard currency.
  • We don’t use GoPros once the PCA/static line part of the bridge course is over due to the risk of entanglement with the bridle/pilot chute in case of a poor PC throw – however we mount them rear facing at Brento to give us an indication of your track so feel free to bring them along!

After the course we will disburse all GoPro and SLR footage taken of yourselves – we also have memory sticks available for sale.

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